…because we are who and what we choose to be

I’ll write more this weekend, for now I came across this quote and wanted

to share.

"… I am sure of this: America is much harder to destroy than people are

… A lot of fine people were killed only a few minutes ago, but America is

still here. I’m afraid I’m too new at this to say it properly, but what I

learned in school is that America is a dream, it’s — it’s the ideas we all

share, it’s the things we all believe in, most of all it’s things we all do,

and how we do them. You can’t destroy things like that. Nobody can, no matter

how hard they might try, because we are who and what we choose to be. We

invented that idea here, and nobody can destroy that either."  – Jack

Ryan, in Tom Clancy’s,

Debt of Honor