The new years post…

Here we are at the beginning of the new year and I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead of me in the next little while. I find myself optimistic and centered. Progress is being made on my most ambitious reshaping and reinvention yet.

I have been in the process of [[wp:refactoring]] some of my internal approaches to the world and how I achieve my goals. Technically the concept of refactoring means to change how something works without altering it’s apparent behavior, but there is another use fo the term that matters more to me. At its core refactoring is the process of restructuring something piece by peace, while that something is in use and continuing to function. It is the process of overhaul in manageable stages while maintaining productivity.

I am refactoring my life.


This all comes at a good time, my growth and that of those who are close to me is giving us all an opportunity to mesh. In particular one of the more … dynamic … and rewarding relationships of my life is bearing the fruits of all the work that has gone into it as we realize we may know how to communicate with each other! Good stuff! Others are growing as well, Flagg is at the edge of a new beginning and Kimiko is gaining confidence and internal strength.

You will no doubt hear more about my plans, my triumphs and my failures in this coming year as you have since I began this journal. I hope you’ll stay with me while it happens.

Oh, and if your looking for a small preview, I have decided that I will be devoting time again to my body. I still think it would be a good, cool thing to be in much better shape than I am and I know I can be. To that end, I have been refactoring how to get there:

  • The old thought would be to try and get to the gym 4 days a week… but that isn’t possible so I would stall and say “later, when I can” and assume it would be a goal to shelve till another time.
  • Another oldthink way would be to try and afford some hideously expensive piece of equipment like a Bowflex. I would ditch my gym membership and turn into a reclusive workout freak at home. Since I can’t afford one, I would again stall and put it on hold.

However, the refactored thoughts combine what I can do with what I need to do. I did a lot of research and found out that the Crossbow is actually as good or better than the Bowflex. Now only that, it is less than half the price. I can get one for $35 a month or so. What that will do is let me work out at home and still use the gym for the pool and all the things I like.

Maximum flexibility, maximum results, minimum things to stall me.

Now I just need to put my hands on a spare $35 a month 🙂 This comes at a time of maximum panic so I fear my survival refactoring ill mean I still don’t get one for a while, I owe my landlord $3,000 or so and he has to get first priority.

Anyway, enjoy and I’ll put more up as soon as I can! Thanks to everyone who has been with me this year and all the years before, helping me and putting up with the changes and my failures. You all make it possible.

p.s. a special note of thanks to ‘hope’, who has read all my archives and reminded me that these writings occasionally may do someone some good out there.