Core/Dump 3.0… freedom blog edition.

Notice anything different? I do, and the reasons are good… but they piss me

I have posted continuously on this blog for more than 5 years now and in all
that time I have never felt the need to censor myself or what I believe.

Till now.

I have literally thousands of posts in the archives ranging from politics to
law to sexual attraction and edge play in the BDSM lifestyle. The problem is
this… I currently don’t know what of all that might be expressed in a way that
may cause me problems with the current overly broad interpretation of the law. I
have no time to check and edit each of those posts.

I have no intention of becoming a target, test case or front page victim in
the current little censorship war. I don’t have the resources to fight such a
situation and I am pretty sure I would hate prison food.

So I pulled it all.

Never fear. I have not been silenced. I will continue to discuss my views
about hierarchy, structure and the principles of power in relationships. I will
continue to discuss everything from how cool ASP.NET 2.0 is to how hot thongs
are on the right young lass under a nice little skirt. I will, however, do so
with more of an eye to the language I use to make sure I stay away from the
dreaded specter of "obscenity".

Most of all I will be discussing the politics and principles of freedom.

It is possible that the time could come to pass when simply discussing such
things in any fashion at all is a thoughtcrime but I do not believe it
will. I think the pendulum is swinging hard in the wrong direction right now
pushed by the radical religious right and the radical feminist left, groups who
want nothing more than to control what you see and who both seem to have the
same ideas about sex. It it swinging hard indeed, but getting to the end soon I

I have absolute faith in the processes that have kept America free and
strong longer than any democracy on the planet.

Democracy is a resilient but somewhat unsteady beast. These things happen,
the pendulum swings always one way and then the other. We will act, we will
push, we will educate, we will be activist. The forces that oppose free
thought and free speech are on both extremes – but they are not the majority. At
it’s core the United States is a nation of freedom loving individuals.

In the meantime I intend to fight.

Not only will I be spotlighting the danger our democracy is in from the
internal radicals who would censor us on the left and the right but we need to
keep in mind the external forces arrayed against us.

  • There still exists in the Middle East a vast army of people and nations
    who will never rest until either they or we are powerless and fundamentally
    broken. They hate the very freedoms we are currently engaged in a internal
    battle to protect.
  • There exists in the UN a large power block that will act against us
    every chance they have, fearing our power, hating our influence. They cannot
    compete with us, so they will work to bring us down by attacking our
  • There exists in the US a large sentiment of self loathing and self
    hatred. People how somehow feel overcome with what seems to be guilt. People
    who will attack every move we make and seem to have as their goal the self
    immolation of our country on the alter of the third world.
  • There still exists an international movement towards socialism and
    communism. They are constantly biting at our heels, fanning the flames of
    self doubt.

I will prepare for victory

I intend to take the time to work on some projects of my own internally,
including a book to be published in happier times when this fight is won as a
celebration. I will keep my archives safe and sound.

We will prevail and it will all be back someday, that you can be sure of.