Review: Inboxer

note: this review is of the Inboxer
trial – I have not yet purchased the full product though I have no reason to
believe there are important differences

As many of you know before

the great blog re-set
one of the topics I covered at some length was
productivity applications. I don’t see any reason to stop now and I have found a
pretty good one worth sharing with you all. I’m talking about
Inboxer, a commercial anti-spam filter
add-on for Outlook that has become pretty useful to me.

It all started when I needed to move Outlook to a new profile, and thus was
re-setting up some of my options and preferences. I had previously used
Spambayes and was happy with the
engine. On top of that it was free and there was an Outlook plug-in. I was going
to put that back in when I took the opportunity for a fast search and came
across Inboxer. I grabbed the 21 day trial and put it to work.

Inboxer takes the excellent Bayesian filtering technology I had loved in
Spambayes and adds to it the missing features that really make it a top notch
solution for business environments. Most importantly it adds the concept of
explicit white and black listing, something the free Spambayes plug-in for
Outlook totally lacked. I did not train Inboxer on my existing spam collection,
wanting to see how it did "from scratch". The default rules actually worked well
and in only a day or to the accuracy was very high. I white listed my business
contacts and that was all there was to it.

What more can I tell you. It’s fast, inexpensive ($29.99), accurate and it
just works. No installation hassles, no runtime problems. Give it
a try, even if you use the free alternative. I think you will be pretty pleased.