Oh Noes! A one legged pirate stole that slave…

Oh Noes! A one legged pirate stole that slave heart I was saving for a special occasion…

If I were a political animal this would be an entirely different blog post. I’m not, so it isn’t.

If I were a better ally, I might check with folks before I posted this and see if there might be some subtle machinations at work that I will be throwing a wrench into. I’m not, so I didn’t.

If I were a better friend (and yes the term friend applies), I would see if this stone tossed into the roiling waters of lake Drama would cause Flagg’s girl additional stress. I’m not, and she’s stuck dealing with my crap now anyway so she might as well get used to this sort of thing now.

If I had thought of it first, this post would be titled “All your girlz are belong to us”.

At one point this post consisted entirely of the text “suck it up buttercup” but then it occurred to me that most folks who read my blog don’t know what I would be talking about. The next draft explained the whole situation but then I realized most of you don’t care about all the drama… hell, I am semi-involved and even I can’t find it in me to care to deeply about most of it outside of the pack implications.

Suffice to say that this is a sordid tale of woe and betrayal. There are meetings being held, posts written, interrogations and phone calls… insignificant titles hang in the balance and dammit Honor is on the line! No doubt even now at Livejournal HQ backup servers are kicking on line while somewhere else the Grand High Inquisitor for all thins pointless and sash-filled is being awoken to a red telephone held aloft by the trembling hands of a kneeling “Mr. International Nightstand, 2008”.

The source of all this drama is not the incident itself, which I can sum up for you in a pretty straightforward sentence or two…

“Girl A is owned by Dom B. Girl A meets Dom F. Turns out Dom F rocks like a mofo so now Girl A terminated her arrangement with Dom B and is now owned by Dom F. Dom B has commenced whining like a bitch about it.” – me, just now, because I love quoting myself

Just about everything you need to know is right up there. The order of those things is important.

I could waste hundreds of words in this post about it all. I could try and explain why there is no betrayal here and why the honor of this girl is fully intact. I could talk about why not all changes in ownership status have anything to do with betrayal, and how ownership is an organic reality that is simply beyond out control most of the time.

I could do that, but I won’t because I am just too amused by something that struck me while I was drafting this.

I love the fact that I have to write in defense of Flagg “stealing someone’s girl” so often that at some point I will need to generate a form letter.

Seriously. I totally dig that I run with a pack of dog’s so big that this is a recurring problem for us.

Now this is some pretty big talk for a guy who has gone from owning two girls to owning zero in recent history as I am sure many will point out; and within the bosom of that seeming paradox is the lesson I leave to them as my gift.

In conclusion: Welcome to the pack to our newest acquisition and screw you to the haters. If you were handling this well you would have my respect and understanding, but since you’re not you may suck it.

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  1. Damn.
    It's like having my Id living in the next state. I want to add a coupla things:

    1) If / when someone leaves my service, I would hope it was with the reverence, respect and integrity that A. showed in handling this difficult situation. Honor and integrity are easy to talk about – in direct and inverse proportion to how hard they are to have.
    2.) I can accept that when you are hurt, you do things and say things that are irrational. That's understandable. But the cluster of vultures, swarming to pick the bones in some sort of self – flagellating pity – party monkey love clusterfuck are just proving my low opinion of most of sash culture correct.
    3.) Not all of them have acted like braying jackasses and screeching harpies. To those who have taken the time to actually talk to A., thank you for restoring some of my faith in the species.
    4. ) People leave. Get a helmet. they have left me, you have left them, and it's just life. Deal. "No one steals your girl – you lose her." – KS
    5.) If I am such a scumwad, why do i have such amazing friends, and why do my previous relationships almost universally choose to stay as much as possible as part of my life?
    6.) Aaarrrgh, me hearties.Shiver my timbers, and bite me.

  2. Great Ceasar's Ghost.

    I'm so sorry I've been too caught up in my own drama (read=being a raging psycho for legit medical reasons that do not make it any easier on the owner or, frankly, ME) (oh, and being stalked) to know that A. was being fucked with. Frankly, having been an observer of this from the absolute beginning, I can say this without a trace of irony:

    She behaved a fair amount better than I would have.


    Don't believe me? Look up integrity in the dictionary–oh, snap! There's A.'s picture, with reference to this situation!

    I can't even believe this is going on. I may have to re-register on that crap site to actually check out some of Teh Dramaz.

    Love to both of you.

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