For this I am thankful…

A personal note before Thanksgiving.

Of all the things I am thankful for – and there are many – I am thankful for the people who make my life immeasurably richer.

This year I want to thank in particular those among you with whom I share a gulf of opinion. I am a fact oriented person with a significant empathy deficit and it permeates how I speak and how I interact. This is neither flaw to apologize for nor a strength to be extolled – it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. What it DOES mean is that I discuss. A lot. I speak out. I give my opinion. I do not shy away from conflict or passionate discourse.

It is in that context then I express my gratitude to those in my life with whom I CAN have those discussions. The amazing men and women that I can disagree with but who understand that underneath there is a bedrock of loyalty and respect that I offer and accept with enduring gratitude.