Minion Task: What’s the Hot Cert?

Minion army, arise!

In support of The Stark Project I am strongly considering a personal trainer certification. My research has led me to this handy chart, which may be out of date but is a good starting point.

I have narrowed the field down to three candidates, roughly in order of preference after looking at the programs and comparing the relevant costs (feel free to suggest corrections to the pricing spreadsheet).

  • ACE – Most well known?
  • NASM – Also well known, most expansive, on twitter as @NASM and seem like good people
  • NFPT – much less well known, but by far the least expensive

Since you are all spread out across the world, please select 3 gyms near you and make a call for me. If you know any personal trainers, you can ask them as well.

  • You may need to speak with a manager… it depends on the gym.
  • Ask "blind" if they require any certifications for their trainers, and if so, which one.
  • You may portray yourself as either a potential client, or a potential trainer at your discretion.
  • Ask, if you can, for them to expand on their views on NFPT.
  • Keep your ears open for any other programs that seem to show up in your discussion.

What I am trying to do is a fast survey of how the industry rates these three programs. As usual, any of the normal minion reporting tools is fine for the results including a comment here in this post.